Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is your journal a peer-reviewed and international journal?
    Our journal is of international quality and is not a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  2. Which fields are accepted for your journal?
    Our journal only accepts studies in areas where the journal accepts publications.
  3. Do we have permission to access issues or related requested articles without being a member of your journal?
    You can download all issues in pdf format from our website without being a member of our journal.
  4. What is the publication interval of your journal?
    Our journal is published 1 issue a year.
  5. Are the authors given information about the articles published in your journal?
    Our journal is web-based, and information about authors’ publications is available on our site.
  6. Is the information about “authors and authors” of incoming studies kept confidential?
    In journals published in our journal, author information is known only by system editors, field editors, chief editor and assistant editor-in-chief.
  7. Is there a certain rate or number of publications in any issue of your journal?
    There is no specific number of articles in our journal.
  8. In a negative situation, can the author request that his work be sent to the scientific and advisory board?
    Böyle bir durum söz konusu olmaz olamaz. Bilim danışma kurulunun işlevselliği ancak baş editörün onayı ile gerçekleştirilir.
  9. If the author submits a work he has sent to your journal to another journal at the same time and wants to be accepted and published in that journal, how are the procedures carried out?
    In such cases, the management and editorial board decide. Generally, since the editorial board does not find such behavior ethical, it removes the publication from the system, even if the relevant study has been published, on the condition of publishing a denial and informing the relevant institutions, with all legal rights reserved. However, in order to avoid such situations, it would be more appropriate to read the publication acceptance conditions by the authors and send the relevant studies. Our journal reserves all kinds of rights in the event of such negativities upon the guidance of the magazine’s legal advisors within the framework of the Turkish Commercial Code and Intellectual and Industrial Rights Law. The resulting negative material and moral rights in the Republic of Turkey in the Framework of the Law defends.
  10. Is your journal accepted in more than one language?
    Currently, the language of our journal is Turkish and English. However, studies prepared in English and other languages ​​are also accepted.
  11. Does the author have to sign a transfer or publication transfer agreement for his / her publication?
    It is considered that every publication uploaded to our journal has been transferred to our journal with all its rights. The author is not asked to sign a document regarding his publication. However, in some cases, if requested by the field editors or related management members, the author has to sign this document and send it to the chief editor in an official way. Otherwise, his work cannot be published and his publication cannot be requested by the author.